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It’s more than just photography to me..

Photographing people is when I am happiest. I really look forward to the buzz of a wedding day when I know I’m going to capture some incredible moments that will give me goosebumps editing. What really make me happy is the joy of the reaction of my couples, and families when they see them. It’s really important to me to let people understand I will not be pestering them to stand still for photos all day long. I want to create natural, cinematic and relaxed photographs that people will reflect on with a smile and remember always. That is all that matters.

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So where to begin…I have a chequered background that’s for sure. I didn’t arrive at wedding photography straight from the womb like most photographers claim. Mine is a colourful but strangely focused at the same time. I have always sketched, made, knitted, sculpted, doodled, carved, turned & from a very young age. I was that child who did the most obscure camp available in the Summer and art class all year round on a Saturday…until I was 22!

So I fumbled my way out of school and start the arduous task of figuring out what I could actually train professionally in any of the crafts I had spent the best part of a decade doing at home or school.

Here comes the education/training bit...
Architectural graphics, Architectural model making, Special effects modelmaking, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Design, Film and Production Design. I am trained and have worked at all. Finally, at my degree show in IADT I got a job in RTE as a production designer. Freelance for 11 years after that in the Irish Film industry as an Art Director which was both exhilarating and exhausting in equal measure. Photography chased me around through all of it, peeping its head up every time I stopped. FInally, I took notice and gave all the other stuff up and moved on. To say I did the right thing is an understatement!