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I’ve been involved in a club for a few months now, here in Tralee. I cover the Events Photography for each outing in exchange for the excitement of watching a secret movie in a secret location with a bunch of like-minded people for a few hours each month. It truly is an inspirational idea! Since I worked in the Film industry for many years in Dublin as an Art Director and Production Designer I have Film running through my veins!


For anyone interested in Cinema this club captures the imagination immediately and for die-hards like me, who needs no excuses to go the cinema, allows me to see a classic movie in a unique venue. Who can say they saw a movie in a café at 10pm or in a lighthouse on an island 1km off shore, or a museum late at night with a glass of vino in one hand, popcorn in the other? Through the vision of one lady and the help of local businesses who support the efforts of a few, our group of cinema lovers get together to set up a portable cinema screen, share a drink and chatter before and after our film every few weeks. There’s even an online competition during the month to entice clubbers to guess the movie – for a prize donated by local businesses on the night.  All club members will be in with a chance to get special access to the Kerry Film Festival events due to roll out on October 8th – 12th here in Kerry, and hopefully our club will grow to encourage all ages to get back to enjoying film, no matter where it’s screened.


Secret Cinema Club Kerry
Event Photography, Secret Cine Club Kerry


This Friday the club goes public, with a FREE viewing for the kiddies in Tralee town center.  An open-air event for all the family to enjoy, and I’ll be first in the Q. I want nothing more than my 2 boys to love movies as much as I do.  Afterwards the adults get to watch a cine-classic too. So I’ll be bringing my wet-gear (but hopefully won’t need it) and my blanket to The Square in Tralee at 6pm Friday September 20th. See you there!

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