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Wedding Photography skills, preparation and practice

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography is a skill underestimated by the sheer number of people out there who claim they can do it. It’s not as simple as getting your half decent camera out and giving it a bash.  Wedding photography skills come with training and life experience. As a wedding photographer I have to be able to react and anticipate each moment as best I can. That takes sensitivity and practice.

wedding photography
Muckross House Killarney Couple

Wedding Photography Prep

A couple should barely know the photographer is present on their wedding day. This gains best results I think. A combination of organization and discretion can achieve those formal shots of family and friends as well as the candid moments of chance that happen throughout the few hours I am photographing a wedding.


Shooting a wedding is pretty exciting. No matter how many I do. I am preparing and taking part in a very important day – possibly the most important in some people’s lives to date.  Preparation is everything but the execution is crucial.

Nerves play a part for everyone. If I were not nervous I wouldn’t perform well, that I know.


wedding photography
Wedding Ring

It’s easy to say I am a professional and can handle the day especially since the more wedding photography I do the more confident I get at wedding photography. But that is true of any profession really.

I can say that no two weddings are ever the same . Each and every wedding I do is different.This is because I am dealing with different people, different personalities and different family dynamics each time.


wedding photography
Wedding Party at Muckross Park Hotel Killarney

It’s a fascinating time for me and feeds my curiosity for people and their stories. I love watching the human reactions to such an emotional event as the promise of two people to each other in front of all their loved ones. It really is a special time.

wedding photography
Wedding Car at Killarney wedding

Muckross House Killarney
Muckross House Killarney Co.Kerry Ireland


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