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Kerry Pet Photography


Kerry Pet Photography
Kerry Pet Photography

Charlie is 9 and is the proudest and most friendly dog I have ever met.End of. He is such a playful guy. People often think he’s still a puppy and gasp at the idea of him being nearly 10.

He hangs out at the front of the house waiting for anyone to play with him give him a rub or just say hello. If by chance you take him up on an offer to throw his stick he will be your friend forever .It’s that simple.

Charlie is a collie cross.
Kerry Pet Photography -Charlie is a collie cross. 

Kerry Pet Photography

Our own pet Charlie prompted me to do more Kerry Pet Photography this week. Charlie was abandoned as a pup with 2 other siblings, in a ditch somewhere in Wicklow. Thanks to the local vet they were saved and brought to “Ash Animal Rescue”  just outside Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow. Check out their website They do fantastic work. There he was cared for until we found him.All mangy and sad. He was so cute but really sick.

Charlie at 4months.
Kerry Pet Photography -Charlie at 4months.

Today there is no sign of any mistreatment in his character.He’s trusting and fun. He has slowed down over the years – no harm. We used to cycle miles and miles with him running along side.And he still had energy leftover!

He’s a topper. He had a wash & brush this week .Looking dapper Charles! He got an injury form a tree branch in the garden on Tuesday and was a bit down in the dumps. So I thought he deserved a blog post all to himself. He’s a special buddy to us all. Love you Charlie! xxxx

Charlie is a proud member of the family
Kerry Pet Photography -Charlie is a proud member of the family


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