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New Pro Canon 6d Camera Alert!


New pro camera gear is a necessity for my job. Late last year I purchased the EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS 2 USM lens and the Speedlite 600 EX-RT flash but I was still beyond excited this week to get the new full-frame Canon 6d for work. Thank you Canon ! It is like Christmas has come early.


canon 6d spec
Canon 6d spec


Canon 6d body only
Canon 6d body only


Canon 6d with Light & Wifi


Choosing it was not a difficulty. It is the first full-frame Canon camera on the market with built-in Wifi connectivity. It has movie mode, a huge sensor and power I will have to adjust to. It’s as light as a feather which I like. Another reason not to go for the 1d series! Way too heavy for me! Sending images direct from the camera without a transmitter  really revolutionizes the process! The  Canon 6d can connect to another camera, a smartphone, a computer, a printer, the internet and a DNLA device respectively.

What it means to me is I can connect the Canon 6d camera to my iPad when I’m on a job and show images straight away to my clients. This of course can be a good and a bad thing..but good for me for when I need it. As if that wasn’t mad enough the Canon 6d has a GPS inbuilt too. So I can also send all images to my hard drive at home via a Wifi connection or to the newspapers if I’m under pressure for a print deadline. I’d never do that I think, because I’m too picky about editing my RAW files before issuing them for print to anyone! Anyway, I digress.


Canon 6D sharpness comparison
Canon 6d sharpness comparison


Canon 6D
Canon 6d with 24-105 lens…my ‘go to’ lens for weddings


Wifi/tablet/iphone..see your images straight away
Wifi/tablet/iphone..see your images straight away


High quality Canon 6d Camera at a low price


Although this Wifi capability might be considered a drain on the battery life according to many reports it’s still a huge advantage to have it built into the camera.


The Canon 6d is a great choice for economic reasons also. It’s half the price of a full frame 5d upgrade for me..and the only compromise for me is the AF points. A Canon 5d Mk3 is the next purchase!  So if I have to shell out for a 3rd full frame Canon camera body later this year I’ll do it after a season’s work. For my purposes I have no real need for the 1 DS Canon which I know is super-powered. Some people might think it’s pricy for a camera body only  considering  you could probably buy a decent 2nd hand canon camera for that price but €1800 is super cheap for a full frame body – end of.


Canon 6D Software issues

Unfortunately it is not supported by Apple’s Aperture – a fact that only became obvious to me after purchase. However there may be alternatives coming down the line. For the moment Lightroom looks like my only option and I will have to be as happy with it as I am with Aperture in jig time…because the big body of wedding work is coming down the tracks fast!  The canon camera suite of editing software is pretty bad though so I’ll just have to put up with it for the moment. Please feel free to comment or advise in the box below on what your thoughts are on the Canon 6d and the Canon 6d software . Have you encountered the same issues?

One of my blogposts during the year will be about wedding photography and specifically with the Canon 6d. So keep an eye out for it – it will have relevance to many of you who will be in front of or behind a camera this year! Please  share this blogpost by clicking on the social icons at the top of this post. Thanks , Ciara O’Donnell.


canon 6d camera
Dromquinna Manor, Kenmare, Co. Kerry, Ireland July 2013








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