Postponing your wedding during Covid-19 Crisis

Covid-19 has well and truly taken hold of our country and our lives for the time being. It’s scary, ever-changing and rapidly upending our sense of normality as the days roll into weeks. But what should you do if you are thinking about postponing your wedding? Or if you have already had to?

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If you ware planning on getting married in April/May/June or maybe even further into the Summer now, then you have most likely rescheduled your date already. Postponing your wedding was not something you thought you’d ever have to do even 4-5 weeks ago. And now it’s all you can think of. Instead of getting the final items on your list ticked off and packing your bags for your honeymoon, you’re making new list and it’s so big and scary you’re completely overwhelmed!

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It’s hard to imagine. Changing everything you’ve planned in detail for so long. Changing dates, calling relatives to see if they can make it in a few months time instead, even a year’s time! Who knows? Where to start?

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So what should you do if you have had to postpone your wedding due to the Coronavirus? Where do you start? Well, a list is a good place to start. Make a list. I’m a great list-woman. I love lists.

In this digital age I still carry a notebook with me and make a list and add to it as I go through my day. Don’t try to do it all in one fell swoop. Take the big things first, the biggest outlays.

Ring the big 5, as I call them. They have now become the big 6, as family is important in this decision-making process.

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  • Venue
  • Family
  • Band
  • Photographer/Vidoegrapher
  • Cake
  • Honeymoon
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I think communication is the key. From the very word go I was emailing and calling people to reassure them that whatever happens, I would do what I could to help them rebook with me. Remember all of your vendors want to retain your business and any supplier worth their salt will bend over backwards to do that. First things first. Talk to your venue, they are making it their business to know what is best for their customers, and they can help you pick a new date. They have been very accommodating so far, is what I hear. Every one of my customers have said how fantastic their venue has been in helping them move their wedding date seamlessly for them. Most hotels will allow a rebook without losing any of your deposit. If you lose a booking fee from 1 or 2 of your vendors, it’s not the end of the world. I think the good people will allow for changes and try not to sweat the couple of hundred you might lose. It will be long forgotten at the time of your big day. You are going to get your wedding day at a good price anyway, as most vendors are going to allow your original quote to stand. 2021 prices may vary, but I for one am not asking for more from my customers. They will get the price they booked me at.


Talk to your family. They are the best people to support you through this big decision, and they can help you make that crucial decision in changing the date. They can help you while you might not be in a great frame of mind to make it by yourselves. It’s going to effect them too, so talk through your worries with them.

Suppliers want to help. We all want to retain your booking and most suppliers have a good backup plan in place at this time. If like me they are getting good advice and keeping in touch with the venues and other suppliers then we can help you too. Remember we are in this wedding industry with many years of experience and can advise you in many ways beyond our area of expertise. Please ask for any advice, we are happy to give it.

As the restrictions continue the country is changing and we can only be led by the very excellent advice we’ve been given by experts. I’m lucky to know a very good risk assessment advisor and he has helped me make some crucial and difficult decisions myself. He has been on the money so far, giving me advance notice on the progress of this pandemic and the procedures I should follow and the changes I may expect. It has really helped me process the changes and not panic too much as things go forward. So while it’s all new to all of us, your wedding planning is something you’ve done already. You can do it again, you got this!

We’ve all had to reevaluate our priorities and everything is very unsettling. I keep thinking of the fun and joy we are all going to have when restrictions are lifted. Until then we can only do what we can do. Try not to let postponing your wedding bring you down too much, or take-away from the excitement of a day that is still going to happen. Your beautiful wedding day will come, you will be married, and you will have the day of your life. You will have the day you always you wished for. And how sweet it will be because you’ve waited longer for it, worked harder for it and you will never be so glad to see all those people in once place again.

And if you have any questions just drop me a line here, and I’ll be happy to help you in whatever way I can, after all, #wereinthistogether.

Stay safe and well,

Ciara xx

Big thanks to the gorgeous Aoife & Anto for allowing the use of their wedding images for this post. They were married in the stunning Moyvalley Hotel, in Co. Kildare last July and it was magnificent in every way.

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