New Photography Equipment for Kerry Weddings & Events

When I first started out as a professional photographer, I invested in a lot of equipment and I’ve built up a pretty useful collection of gear over the years. I use almost every bit of it daily, so I think I chose well. But now the time has come to upgrade and replace my photography equipment with new and better hardware.  I’m really excited about improving my kit and researching the best gear for my own needs.
Photography Equipment Canon

This Summer, I purchased the new 600EX-RT Speedlite by Canon. A flashgun to put all other flashguns in the ha’penny place! I had to repair my old reliable 580EX-II Speeedlite, which after 5 years has certainly earned its keep. I know I’ll always keep it-a 2nd flash is a good security blanket! 2nd hand 580s are very hard come by, because they are considered market leaders in dedicated flashgun technology, and most pro photographers don’t feel the need to replace such an iconic piece of kit. They retain their value well as a result. I will keep my old flashgun for sure. But the new flash is like a Ferrari compared to the Mercedes that is the 580EX-II.  It has radio frequency allowing it to be operated through walls! It can transmit through an inbuilt Wi-Fi transmitter images via Wi-Fi from over 30m away. It can be remotely controlled using my iPad or iPhone from that distance …so it opens up my photography to creative uses I could only have dreamed of last year and could become one of my favourite pieces of photography equipment.

I can’t really express how excited I am about this new piece of photography equipment I’m hoping to purchase very soon. It’s the Canon 70-200mm F/2.8L IS USM II. This new lens is a calculated move, designed to add to the quality of my work and will be ideal for weddings. This new top-of–the–range lens will enhance my photography in ways I probably don’t even know yet. I’ve chosen this lens to suit my own professional needs like low light conditions, focal length and image stabilization. All of these functions will help me take distance shots of my subject and enhance my documentary style.  It’s the perfect addition to my kit and I can’t wait to get it and put it to use.

Photography Equipment Canon-EF-70-200

New Photography Equipment for Kerry Weddings & Events

It is the newest Canon IS telephoto lens on the market. It incorporates the Image Stabilization technology championed by Canon to allow hand-held photography at up to 200mm focal length. Who’d a thought it possible! The silent motor technology allows almost silent focus change (USM), and the body construction protects against the elements.  I know this is going to transform the way I take photographs and I can’t wait to use this piece of photography equipment at my next wedding.

Canon 70-200mmF/2.8L IS USM II

So here’s the science bit…

  • EF mount; telephoto zoom lens
  • Ultra-low Dispersion glass; image stabilizer; inner focusing; full-time manual focus; circular aperture
  • 70-200mm focal length
  • F/2.8 constant maximum aperture
  • Micro Ultra Sonic Motor (USM) Includes case and lens hood

And with all that science I’m sure I’m going to get great results. I have lots of wedding photography bookings lined up and look forward to using all my new gear and taking some photos of happy brides and grooms.



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